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Join the biggest Student Trading Competition in France and show off your trading skills.

Registration closes on March 1st!

Join the main online trading contest for students in France !

The 2022 edition:

The 8th edition of the Trade'Xtrem event will start on March the 9th and lasts for 15 trading!

Participants will manage a fictitious portfolio of 20,000€ for the period and trade on our partner XTB's platform for a seamless experience across 5 asset classes: stocks, crypto, ETFs, commodities and FX.

The competition will be punctuated with conferences from knowledgeable professionals of the fields of financial markets. Guest speakers will be hosted on the opening, midway and at the close of the competition.

Moreover, we have partnered with the training specialist Alti Trading which will provide participants with their Trader Express training to jumpstart their trading experience free of charge!

Finally, more than 3000€ worth of prizes will be distributed to the top 3 traders and participants will receive a weekly update of the best-performing traders to let them know how they perform vis a vis the rest of the pack! 

Don't wait! Click on the link to register, get the Trader Express training and compete!

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