The Annual Woman in Finance Conference by ESSEC Transaction is a one-of-a-kind event dedicated to ambitious young women. At crossroads between finance, networking and gender issues, it helps female students grow their network, break down taboos, and meet inspirational profiles from elite banks and firms.

A pionneering event

ESSEC Transaction was the first French finance society to create a division that is dedicated to driving gender equality in the Financial Services and Banking sector. Indeed several topics remain taboos as women in finance are still underrepresented.

As a result, the Annual Women in Finance Conference was created two years ago to empower female students, help them grow their network, and encourage them to take up the challenge. 


We want to provide female students with an opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of Finance for a few hours and provide professionals an opportunity to give back to their universities and promote women in finance. 



A unique one-day experience


The Annual Women in Finance Conference – or WiF as we call it - takes place in our La Défense campus in Paris. Language is English as many foreign students apply.

  • Students apply online about one month before the event takes place. Mostly women are accepted. They shall belong to top business and engineering schools.

  • On D Day, participants are welcomed at 8:30 am with a welcome pack and a breakfast buffet.

  • The morning is then composed of a series of four different conferences during which MDs and Partners from major firms and banks discuss current finance issues and answer questions.

  • After a lunch break, the afternoon is dedicated to case-studies and round tables held by female analysts. It is a great occasion to meet professionals directly and talk about issues such as maternity leave and family life as well as salary and career opportunities.

  • The day ends with a networking cocktail.

The team is looking forward to meeting you again during the upcoming editions!